Remove equipment bar

This is the location view of a room. Licht Alwin hinten is an eqipment and Licht hinten the only item on it.
On the demo instance, that bar “Licht Alwin hinten” is not shown. How can I do that?
Here is my Model:
I just updated to OH3 and am new to this semantic stuff, so sorry for the dumb questions.

I think my problem is that I don’t understand when to use equipmnet and when points…

It depends on context and preference.

All Locations must be Groups with a Location tag.

Most of the time Equipment is a Group with an Equipment Tag.

Most of the time Points are Items with a Point tag and an optional Property tag.

However, if the equipment is represented by only a single Item you have a choice on what to do.

  • Define an Equipment Group anyway and make the Item a Point on that Equipment (what you’ve done)
  • Put the Equipment tag on the one Item, making it an Equipment.
  • Put Point tag on the Item and make the Item a member of the Location. The point then becomes part of the Location without an Equipment to belong to.
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