Remove zwave Device


I have a zwave node added that I’d like to remove. It’s a door sensor that’s stopped reporting whether the contact is open or closed but the node is showing as online in PaperUI.

What’s the correct way to remove this node from openhab and from the zwave controller so I can replace the device without having to update the existing items channels and all my documentation??

In all likelihood whatever you replace it with will end up at a new node number. So the new Thing that pops up will have a new Thing ID and therefore your Channels will have a different ID as well so all your Links to this one device will need to be updated. It should be a simple find and replace though since the only difference will be the node number.

There is a chance that if you exclude the old device first it will free up that node number on the controller and when you add it back or add a new device back it will use the next available ID. This didn’t used to work with my old controller but it’s worth a shot.

You can put the controller into exclusion mode in Habmin.