Removed Items still visible

Hi guys, i’m having some trouble because any item i have removed from openhab itself (not only on cloud condivision) is still visible online…I know is not a big deal, but i still see all of them on IFTTT too…
How can i resync them?

Thanks a lot!!

Have restarted oH,
do you use sitemaps,
what OS,OH and java-version do you use?

Restarted OH and computer many times, no sitemaps (need only items and rules for my purposes).
The issue is from 2.2 and now 2.3 as service on Windows 10, jre1.8.0_161.

There do you see the item and have you checked the items-files?
Please post a screenshot.

Just delete them online:

I have the issue where when I disconnect the openHAB cloud it takes almost 45 mins before it shows online. So I would expect to wait.