Removing all things harmony

I have had lots of issues trying to get my Logitch Harmony Hub setup and working.
So much that I have been trying to remove it and then restart from the beginning with the device.
Unfortunately even deleting is not working for me.

I try and delete all the hub and all the devices under things and they either say ‘removing’ or ‘uninitialised’ I have rebooted the server many times and they never go.

I attach a snapshot of the things filtered for harmony.

any tips?


How did you add those things initially ? (via PaperUI or *.things files)?

If deleting them from PaperUI doesn’t work, you could try to remove them manually from userdata/jsondb/org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.Thing.json (restart OH2 afterwards)

I actually cannot recal if I added them through files intially or paperui, I would have thought paperui.
I have just potentially had some progress as I have managed to delete them using the REST interface, so I will reboot, leave for 24 hours and then try to add them again tomorrow