Removing binding does not finish

I wanted to remove the weather binding since I do not work with it (yet) and I want to get rid of the error messages it gives until full configuation is finished. But when I remove the binding, after a day it is still not fnished removing it.

Remove Thing Weerinfo
Would you like to remove the thing from the system?

Warning: The thing is currently in the removing state and the binding has not yet confirmed, that the device has been removed successfully. If you now click on remove, it will be removed without additional communication to the binding.

How harmfull can it be if I try to delete it again?

Try restarting OH and if it isn’t gone, delete it again.

First of all: I sead the binding was hanging during deletion, this is incorrect as it is the thing that resulted from this binding.
I rebooted the raspi, this did not solve the problem. I deleted the thing again, again it stays in removal proces’. Now I deleted it again, ignoring the above warning. Everything seems ok. Thanks for your reply.