Removing decimal places in OH3

Hi All,

I’m hoping this one has been answered, and I’m just blind (or it is hidden behind all the OH2 posts)…

On OpenHAB3, and MainUI, I’m using a rule to post an average of an item to another item over a length of time, and as expected, there are a lot of decimal places. In the old textual config, this was an easy fix - add [%.2f] to the item, and voila you had 2 decimal places…

Not so easy in OH3, as the doco keeps pointing me to textual config, but I’ve created the item in MainUI.

So my question is - Is it possible to transform the item using MainUI, and the “Pages” or Items set up, or do I need to recreate the item in an items file (back to OH1+2 behavoiur)?

Thanks for your help.

Edit item metadata, pattern field. There are a number of posts on this on the forum.

Thanks @mstormi - been hard to find the right information without the right words to search for

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