Rendering a selection without a dropdown?

as shown in the iOS app demo mode for “Scene”:

You mean a Switch widget with mappings= ?

thank you


I know about this in a sitemap config with mappings but how can i achive this with a string item like in the kodi binding (in PaperUI)?
I guess in this case it comes from the binding itself because the item definition is very simple

String myKodi_systemcommand "Systemcommand" { channel="kodi:kodi:b3abe035:systemcommand" }

I hope you can understand what I want to achive

You can’t. PaperUI is an adminstrator’s toolbox, offers no UI tailoring or refinements.

Thank you @rossko57

but how is this done for the myKodi_systemcommand string item?
is it because the item receives multiple strings from the binding / channel?

Yes, the binding via a channel can set ‘State Description’ options in an Item. These can be used by a UI to e.g. offer user selections, or view a playlist, etc.

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