Reolink NVR

Hi all,

I’m back after my OH fell by the wayside when I moved…

I am now looking at different options for putting cameras around my new house, and think looking at the market the Reolink NVR setup is probably best value for money… 2TB NVR and PoE cameras seems like the way forward with the 4K units with Optical focus.

The question I have is can OH to play with the NVR system? or at the very least will an NVR system still record and do its own thing if the cameras are being polled by OH separately (if they can?)

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Have you found any answers for this? I am also looking for the same thing. :slight_smile:

I have a Reolink NVR and it is pretty good. Very reliable and good bang for the buck. I bought it when I could get it without a disk so I was able to buy a nice big one without throwing away the 2TB one. My father uses an external disk for additional record time.

You will not be able to reach the cameras directly. They live on a private subnet that is not accessible. I messed with trying to tap into the network with a vlan and routing on my router early on but that didn’t work well. Since then, they have introduced api URL’s so that shouldn’t be needed.

There are urls for rtsp and snap (maybe others). I use the snap with a rule to grab an image when the doorbell is pressed. I tested rtsp with vlc but never integrated it into OH as I don’t really have a use for that. I prefer to just use the Reolink app if I want to see my cameras.

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