Replace Characters into JSONPATH manipulation in things

Hi all,
I have OH 3.4.2 and in a rule I have this:

UPS_1_RUNTIME.postUpdate(transform("JSONPATH","$.upses[0].timeleft", json).replaceAll("[^\\.0123456789]",""))

I did this because value to parse is "timeleft": "105.0 Minutes" but i need only numeric part. This value are retrieved by HTTP Binding. It is possible to setup a replace into thing configuration here:

Without using rule?

Just append


to your State Transformation (make sure RegEx Transformation is installed).


Sorry, wich Symbol is? :astonished:


Unicode Utilities: Character Properties

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Never used before in my life
thanks a lot

One of the first mathematical operators I learned about in elementary school. :slight_smile: At that time, mathematical education began with abstract set theory …

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I am 46, made elementary school in 1983, perhaps in Italy this symbol is not used, never seen in my life.


Sounds like you know this one ?

yes, I know but never used at school at all

Not abstract enough :slight_smile: , at that time an aspiring mathematician needed nothing more than: Schüler Wendeplättchen inkl. Aufbewahrung | BETZOLD