Replace failed ZWave thing type wrong

I have had a bad bout of a specific GE/Jasco device type that dies from power outages. They have been sending me a slightly different model as a replacement. Newer with S2 features and such. I do a replace failed using simplicity studio and all is well except openhab still sees it as the old thing type. It still works and this is probably fine but wondered if there was a way to get it to recognize the new device type short of excluding and including which is a pain to relink all of the items.

There’s an option in the device configuration called reinitialise device. If you select this, then it will re-read the device data which should solve most of the issue. However I think you will then also need to delete the thing and add it back again so that OH re-reads the thing definition.

I had tried the reinitialize without results but hadn’t removed the thing and added it back. That does work. (Actually, I think simply remove and readd of the thing is all that is needed.)

Of course, that’s barely, if at all, better than just adding the device new and not bothering with the replace failed. I guess I will reserve that for if I can replace with an identical device.


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If you already did the reinitialise, then yes, that’s all that’s needed. Otherwise you definately require the reinitialise as this is what reads the information from the device that allows the binding to identify it (ie the manufacturer ID, type, etc). Otherwise this will use the data from the old device which is stored locally.

You certainly know the zwave subsystem far better than I do but I don’t feel the reinitialize is strictly necessary.

I didn’t do it on one I replaced last night but wanted to run the process again on one I knew I had never done the reinitialize.

I used studio to replace failed, removed the thing in OH, disabled the zwave serial controller, waited a few seconds, enabled the serial controller, waited a few seconds, found the node in the inbox and it has the new device type. No reinitialize was done on the device.

Well, again, the type and ID are cached in the XML file stored locally. This is what the binding uses to work out what the device is - if you change the device, this will need to be updated. I can’t remember for sure, but maybe deleting the thing will also remove the XML.

Yeah, that’s my guess because I definitely didn’t do the reinitialize. Either way, my question has been answered. Thanks for your help!