Replace Latching Switch with manageable Device


in my house I have some latching switches to turn lights on and off. In German: Stromstoßschalter.
It’s the model "Schupa nfs 100.230 ". Link.
Now I would like to replace these little guys with some devices that I can manage with OH.

Has somebody experience with this kind of devices? Are there at all some on the market?

Thanks in advance,

For typical actuators, it’s more common to use ON and OFF commands to switch them, but afaik it’s possible to to send explicitly a TOGGLE from some RF switches (zwave?)
For openHAB, you will have to use a rule to toggle (and openHAB has to know about the actual state, of course)

Hi Udo,

thanks for answering. I think the toggle is not the big problem, but to find some hardware that I can put in my electrical enclosure and replace the current latching switches :slight_smile:
Or am I thinking wrong?

Normal behavior of an actuator would be to switch ON (or OFF) and then stay at this state until a new command is received, so, the only thing is, to find an actuator that fits in where the latching switch was before :slight_smile: and of course you will have to change the push buttons (or use an actuator with additional wired input respectively a separate wired input module to use the old buttons)

One one of those relay switches should do it:

Edit: and then put the relay in a case:

Thanks everybody.
I’ll have a look and will try to understand :slight_smile:

Hi again,

do you think it’s possible to use such a thing? Wouldn’t that be easier to install?


Yes, should work too.

Take a look at this one if you haven’t purchased any yet: