Replace Navbar text by a symbol to close/back

Dear openHAB User,

I am searching a was to replace the “back” text in the openHAB own popups, which are opened by an action.

I would like to have instead of the text a symbol to close the popup. How is it possible? which configuration shall I set and where?

Could you give a me hint?

below a foto, to show what I mentioned with the text.

Thank you,

Hi! In short: No, it’s part of the UI and not possible to replace (despite using sth. like a userscript).


Thank you. Therefore I tried to open the popup with f7-button, however no success. My traget would be to open a popup window where I can display the content of a page. The popup shall have a custom close button

I made two tests. in the first I added the page ID to the popupOpen attribute. This is working already for me if the popup content is defined inside the widget, therefore I tried it at first.
Here page is defined outside and unfortunately It did not work with a complete page
Certainly I could copy the content of the page into widget where I would like to open the popup, but in this case I would loose the flexibility. For every new widget on the page I shall change the widget.

In the second test I defined in the page a class as it is necessary for popups but this not working as well.

Test 1:
component: f7-button
  popupOpen: page:page_3283a58f

Test 2:
component: f7-button
  popupOpen: .own_lights

which user script do you mentioned? Could you give me some hints where can I find some examples?

thank you