Replaced 2 with a PI 3B and I now need to reboot often

I just plugged in the new 3B and it appears after so many hours, three Pi displays in my home display random values. I do a nightly Chron reboot. But I now appear to need several a day. The Pi 2B never had this issue. Unless a patch or something is affecting my install

Thanks. Any and all ideas welcomed.

Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)

Kernel = Linux 4.14.34-v7+

Platform = Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3

Uptime = 0 day(s). 9:6:39

CPU Usage = 28.25 % avg over 4 cpu(s) (4 core(s) x 1 socket(s))

CPU Load = 1m: 0.66, 5m: 0.63, 15m: 0.60

Memory = Free: 0.02GB (3%), Used: 0.92GB (97%), Total: 0.95GB

Swap = Free: 0.09GB (100%), Used: 0.00GB (0%), Total: 0.09GB

Root = Free: 453.42GB (99%), Used: 2.47GB (1%), Total: 480.37GB

Updates = 0 apt updates available.

openHAB 2.2.0-1 (Release Build)

Why do you need to reboot? Out of memory?
Where does the new raspi display random numbers?

Yes, I have two displays in proximity and the NTP time vales stop matching. All 3 Pi 2 display units seem to freeze with different values in Habpanel.

That smells like SD card failure to me…

The Pi 3 is using an USB Adapter with a Crucial 500 GB SSD drive. Possibly. Used it for a couple of years now on a Banana Pi install and now on the Pi 3. However, this seems to have started after swapping out the Pi2 with a 3.

On second thought, I might have over looked the most common Pi issue. Power supply. Swapped out for a true 2.5 amp supply and waiting to see what happens.

Nope not it at all. Replaced the Pi 3B+ with my old 3B. See what happens.