Replacement for Jung switches


i would like to place some additional light switches without opening the walls, so i am looking for a way to make them remote controllable. Easiest way would probably be to add some Shellys to the existing switches, sadly there is no space to fit them. So i guess, i have to replace some switches.

The „smart“ ones should:

  • fit in the style of the existing Jung switches from the early 90s

  • controllable with existing hardware (wifi, zig bee (sonoff bridge with tasmota) or Z-Wave)

  • able to handle toggle switches (?) or however these floor light circuits with multiple switches are called

  • able to operate as normal switch in case OpenHAB is down

I found devices from Homematic and TechniSat.

  • Homematic: i really don’t want to buy a ccu

  • TechniSat: They don’t fit for Jung series

Are there viable alternatives?



There’s very very few smart switches. Your better option ist to make room for the Shellies. Deepening the existing hole isnt difficult.

I would realy like to avoid deepening the holes… i had to do this for a rollershutter driver, it’s not much fun on a massive brick wall.

Is there a way to communicate with Homematic hardware with a normal ZigBee stick? Or flash a usable, non vendor locked firmware? Most stuff i found was about the other way round…

I believe any such dance around to avoid going for a proper solution (deepening) will only result in new and more issues on electrical and logical layers. That would be bad advice.
und mit dem richtigen Werkzeug sprich Bohrhammer ist das nur eine Sache von Minuten
If you still don’t want to do it yourself, have a craftsman do it for you.

No. HM uses the 868 MHz band, ZigBee uses 2.4 GHz. If you’re talking about classic HM (not IP), you could use a HM-CFG-USB + hmland + homegear.

I hoped there was an easy way…but at least, there is something to do over christmas.
Thanks for your advice!