Request addition to z-wave database

Can the Remotec ZFM-80 be added to the database? It was in the 1.8 database, so not sure what happened.


There’s no such device in either the 1.8 or other databases. Maybe it has a different name?

In any case, please follow the instructions on the database site to add the device.

When I follow your link, I get to a webpage that refers to a devicelist link, but the link is not found. When I directly to the the Device List that is not a tool icon in the upper right of the page as it states. Help?

Have you registered for an account on the site and emailed me to get access? If not, you won’t have edit access - I need to make sure that 'bots or less well meaning people don’t screw the database up ;).

yes I have registered and I can login, but when I click on the device list link in the xml section for adding a new device, I get a 404 error on the page.

The only time when I’ve seen this sort of thing is when people were blocking javascript from running. Please check the browser debug, or possibly try a different browser that allows javascript to see if that helps.

I have attached a picture of the page. I have javascript working. I can get to the email or print settings you have setup on pages.

Did you try a different browser? Can you open the debugger to see what the error is? As I said before, the only time I’ve seen this was with someone who had a very high security policy and it stopped some javascript running.

If it’s not that, then I’ve no idea, but it works for pretty much everyone else :confused:

I tried that page with Chrome, Firefox and Edge: it’s working fine in all three browsers.
Do you have any kind of script or ad blockers installed?
And try clearing your browser cache, sometimes that helps …