Request: Device XMLs for Qubino Smart Plug 16A (ZMNHYDx)

Hi all,

This is a request to the community to kindly send me your device XMLs for this device for me to be able to improve the database. A private message is fine of course.

The reason I’m requesting this is that the current OpenHAB database definition is incomplete, and this results in the device being supported less than optimal / having issues. I’m trying to fix this situation but I need input from actual owners/users of this device. What makes the situation somewhat complex is that multiple hardware versions and multiple firmware versions are known to exist for this device, with different specs.

I’m also in positive contact with Qubino. However, before making any changes, I really prefer to have a good picture of what different versions are actually out there and in use.

So, if you own/use this device, please consider sending this information to me, so that I can improve OpenHAB’s support for it.

Thanks in advance!