Request help on Java 11 IOException

I just migrated to Openhab 3 and upgrade my java to 11.

In my Openhab 2.5, I had the following line in a rule to send a Pianobar command to a remote computer.

            executeCommandLine("sudo -u pi ssh pi@ pianobar")

Under Openhab 3 and Java 11, I get the following message:

2021-02-05 07:20:54.103 [WARN ] [] - Error occurred when executing commandLine ‘[sudo -u pi ssh pi@ pianobar]’ Cannot run program “sudo -u pi ssh pi@ pianobar”: error=2, No such file or directory

I suspect it is a syntax error but could use a little help fixing it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, this could be a long shot, but for the Exec Transformation Service you now (OH3) have to whitelist commands in


Perhaps this is true for executeCommandLine as well? Exec - Transformation Services | openHAB

does indeed have a new syntax in OH3. It’s documented in the release notes, and has come up many times in this forum.