Request: Sinope binding

Does anyone else out there use Sinope Thermostats for electric baseboard heating?

The second floor of my home has electric heat, and a while back I picked up a set of these Sinope t-stats. They work great, and their web interface for programming/remote control is pretty good. However, I’d really like to tie them into OpenHAB so I can control everything from one place–especially setting my home heating to “away” mode.

My dream is to set up some motion sensors and rig up some code that lets me emulate what my ecobee3 does for the first floor: automatic adjustment of temperature based on real-time occupancy.

Anyway, Sinope has been working on their API, and recently announced official support for Control4:

Is there anyone who might be interested in digging into that API and working out a binding? I’d be willing to contribute time and/or (some) money. I’d love to just try to do it myself, but writing rules for OpenHAB is about the extent of my coding experience.

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I’m also very intrested in this, I have 13 thermostats and they’re great! Only thing missing is a binding. I see on reddit r/homeautomation apprently someone from openhab community is working on a binding but I haven’t see any mention on the forum. There’s been a device setup for smartthings hub so that could be used as an example to start.

I’m new to openhab and really have no idea how to even start on a binding but no one picks this up I’ll eventually try. I have a scripting background but I’m not sure how much a leap from that a binding would be.

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