Requesting owner's experiences with WADWAZ-1 Door & Window Sensors

Multi-year OH2 user here. I have been testing various devices for use in a new home we are currently building. Among other technologies, I have had good success with the handful of Z-Wave devices I have tested in our current rental home. For our new home, I plan to use a number of Z-Wave devices of various types, one of which is the WADWAZ-1 door & window sensor. My use case for this device is as a means of indicating when a closet door is open so I can set up rules to turn on lights in the closet where the door was opened. My questions are:

  • Have these devices been reliable for you?
  • What has been your experience with battery consumption?
  • Any other comments?

One of the reasons I have chosen this sensor is that it is presently on sale for $15US at


I bought ours when Home Depot was dumping them for dirt cheap, so some/most had sat on shelves for a long while. Most seem to last over a year, almost pushing two for some.

The external switch terminals are awesome! I use these for leak sensors and any other kind of DIY switched Z-Wave sensor I can come up with. I’ve read of some people have rigged dumb smoke detectors with them. For me, one of the coolest uses is with a pressure sensitive mat for use under carpets, under mattresses, etc. I’ve done some experimenting with this, but haven’t focused enough time on it for real usage yet. The hard part is making the decision to spend money on the mats or to build them myself.

Not a bad price, but keep an eye on Monoprice too. There are several rebranded types of this device. Newer ones are Z-Wave Plus, but IIRC, WADWAZ are not plus. I’m also not 100% sure all models have the external switch terminals.

Thank you very much, Scott. That’s the kind of information I need. I am aware that Monoprice sells these, often at a discount. I was not aware that these devices vary in their capabilities. I think Z-Wave Plus and the external CC input is definitely worth spending $2.79 more for Monoprice’s version.

I would be interested in learning more about the DIY devices you have implemented to connect to the external CC inputs. I have played with a simple moisture detector based on an Arduino Mini Pro, but haven’t connected its output to anything.

Thanks again, your input is much appreciated.

I just dug a bit deeper at both Monoprice and ZWaveProducts. The Monoprice device that is currently on sale is not the same, it is powered with 2x AAA batteries and does not seem to have the external CC input. It is a Z-Wave Plus device.

The ZWaveProducts device does provide the external CC input, but is not a Z-Wave Plus device. Hmmm…

Here is a breakdown of other rebrands of this device…

I only have the WADWAZ, but am pretty sure that none of the zwave plus ones have the external switch.

Anywhere you can hook up a microswitch or relay! Leak sensors, water level sensor (water softener salt reminder), doorbell, anything you can think of with a Arduino device (there are normally cheaper/better ways to do this, but my WADWAZ cost a couple bucks each and I have lots of spares!), Halloween sound effects, mouse traps, etc. I may do a post or blog some day with details. I’ll definitely post once I finalize the pressure mats. It is a very handy device for those moments when me or my wife go “hey, let’s make that smart”.