Busy month at work - not much time to work on home automation but work is laxing up a bit!

I want to reset my HEM so KWH would go back to zero. I’ve read a bunch by @chris and my zwave xml (node2 not that it matters) seems to have TRUE. But when I look at the openhab2 doc (API) I don’t see anywhere to issue a “sensor_reset” like some of the OH1 examples I saw?

I suppose I could just make a new virtual item to store the value for KWH and then would never have to reset it - but reseting it would be ideal. I’m guessing this is stored on the Aeon Labs zwave device and not on the controller right?

When I set the state to 0 it naturally updates in a few minutes back to it’s saved value.

Thanks for any good pointers!


We probably need to add the meter_reset channel to the database - can you provide the link tothe device in the database and I’ll update it in a couple of days (I’m travelling at the moment and will be home tomorrow night).

Iv’e played in the database before - it’s on your site right? I think I can add it if it’s just a matter of adding that meter_reset somewhere specific? I think you need to approve anyway right? I can at least get it started?

Otherwise it’s DSB09 Home Energy Meter

I’ve just added it to the root endpoint - I can’t update the database tonight as I can’t access my server backend right now, but will do so tomorrow when I’m home.

Will I need to do anything (exclude / include)?

Or will the db refresh the XML etc auto through OH2?

You need to update the binding to the latest version, and you probably need to delete the thing and add it again. You don’t need to exclude it or anything - just delete the thing, click on the discovery button and it should be added back to the inbox, and approve it again…

Would upgrading the binding require anything more than upgrading to the latest snapshot (which in theory should have the latest binding?)

That’s what I’m doing now but I’m priming with this question in case I’m way off base! Thanks!

@chris Just checking in - I did all of that and still don’t “seem” (could be newb oversight) to see the option to reset it?

I assumed that updating the snapshot would do the trick but no dice, maybe unloading and reloading the binding after the nightly snapshot download?

Thanks Chris!

I just had a look in the actual database file on github and this channel doesn’t seem to be present so there might be some sort of database synchronisation issue.

I’ll check tonight - sorry for the hassle…

Don’t be sorry!! - Thanks for the update!

Hey @chris - I know you were busy and traveling. I got busy replacing my entire HVAC components and putting in a new wood stove, so I didn’t get a chance to come check.

Am I good to sort the binding to hopefully get the new reset capability?

Thanks for all the hard work!

Yes - the meter reset should be included now.


Worked a treat by the way @chris!! Thanks a ton for adding that!

hi guys on this issue. how do you use the channel? do you have a rule where you toggle the reset meter switch once a day? as it is on off - do you need to switch on and then off?
is there a delay needed between the two?

Its been a while since I reset, but I have these and it is pretty much on (reset) off (back to counting from 0)

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