Reset the install

Just getting started. I loaded openhab and zulu, and started openhab. I am not sure what I chose on the first screen. choices are simple, standard, expert, demo.
I do not have a left side bar. and I do have what appears to be an automation system - people’s rooms, lights, etc.
I think i chose demo, which seems to be a dead end. Any idea how to get back to choose one of the others?

Hi Ted and welcome along. Tell us what platform you are running OpenHAB on and we wil get you going !

Mac OS 10.13.6
Openhab 2.4.0
Zulu 8

This is my main computer, and loaded it here to learn the system. I have an old Mac Mini that I might try to use as the dedicated controller. That effort has not started yet.


I did search earlier but did not find this link:

My problem now is I cannot find the var/lib/openhab2 folder. I found the conf folder and deleted its contents.
Does anyone have a link to an exemplary folder structure for the Mac installation?

I dragged all Openhab to the trash and installed the 2.5 milestone, and chose the standard installation.
As far as I can tell, the answer to my question is the Openhab main folder should under the user’s root directory on a Mac.