Resetup without loosing all IFTTT setting

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I need to reset my RPI, because I can not get dmx and myopenhab to work on rpi on my home server pi.
In addition I have not found an option to play spotify playlist from openhab without using mopidy(music player) , which needs to be installed from image. ( tried IFTT and looked of ways to control android tablet from RPI but with no luck to get spotify to start when I get home). I have a debug pi were all is set up to work, and linked to my second myopenhab account(skatum@ …). I have created an image of this sd card.

So now is the big question how to proceed, I have 50++ IFTTT rules(yes i love my amazon echo) but this is linked to the partly working pi, I.e skatun@ … while the working pi is linked to skatum@ …

So canI change the account data in IfTTT to skatum@ … and not loose any receipes? Or can I copy UIUD and secret from the working Pi to the skatun@ … account on my.openhab?

That should be possible. I did that when setting up OH2 on a new sd card and copied uuid and secret from my OH1 install …