Resize Blocks of Main UI [OH3.3]

I can not believe it is not mentioned anywhere, guessing I`ve been looking wrong keywords, so would you help:
How to resize blocks of Location/Property/Equipment tabs within link below?

Any parameter would allow to change height or proportion of blocks that would keep all blocks at one page WITHOUT scrolling?

  - component: oh-locations-tab
        height: 20%
        width: 90%

Doesnt work unfortunately :frowning:

I don’t believe that you can. The height of a location card is set in the card definition and there is no parameter defined to override that. That would leave the only option as using the stylesheet method to override the height with css, but although you can use stylesheet within a location card to modify its contents, there’s no higher element in the home page definition that accepts a stylesheet to actually modify the location cards themselves.

I hope you are wrong and you can still fit 9 tiles in a 3x3 layout without scrolling.
Why would the creators make our lives difficult and force us to scroll unnecesserly? I don’t understand.

If someone has a dozen or so locations, it may not make a difference to scroll more or less, but with 7-9 tiles, 1cm of the covered tile makes the graphic look terrible.
Note that Equipment and Property can be much lower on the same screen resolution and fit 9 tiles plus the top and bottom navigation bars

No one has found it to be a problem yet, so no one has fixed it. If you find it to be a significant issue then you are always welcome to submit a request on the GitHub site or even better yet, submit your own solution to the problem.