[RESOLVED] Data from Openhab influxdb dissapears after 24 hours

How can I debug persistence data? All data sent by the weight sensor is automatically deleted after 24 hours and I do not understand why.

The data is sent by the post method with REST API:

After that I have this method to display the data in a table:

I added the .sensor in items like this:
Number my_sensor "Weight Sensor"

The .persist is like this:
my_sensor: strategy = everyUpdate, everyHour

I have exactly the same configuration for a temperature sensor … but the data it’s ok…doesn’t reset it.
The thig is that the data is displayed in the .sitemap and not through the REST API.

I don’t understand what’s the problem, for 2 days I’ve been trying to look in the log and 0 erros


I am an idiot…sorry for all the trouble but I will leave this here…if someone has the problem.

So…if you make a simple REST API - GET:

it will return all the data from THAT DAY (24hours)…

To get the date from the older days…you need to set the GET like this:

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The number of people having found out about that default setting of a REST call only by asking here in the forum and not by reading that statement on the API Explorer is somewhat uncountable.

I really missed that part of the API explorer …
Usually I’m used to reading the documentation before I work, but this time I kind of fucked up…that’s why I said I’m an idiot :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: