[Resolved] Node initilazing: WAIT

I had a Fibaro FGK101 door window sensor (battery powered) successfully working with my OH2 system. I moved my controller to another location in my house. All other zwave devices have been discovered and are still working, however now the door sensor does not report back.

HABmin shows under Configuration-Things "Node initializing: WAIT. I’ve open and closed the door multiple times to wake the device up but still nothing. There are other powered zwave devices nearby that have been paired with the door sensor in the past so it’s withing range of the mesh network.

Any ideas on how to get the door sensor to complete initializing and rejoin the network?

Well it appears that I needed to wait longer for the network to find the node - seems to have sorted itself out without any manual intervention. Overall it took a couple of hours to find and node - perhaps because it’s a battery powered sensor.

Yes. And closing and opening does not wake the device up, you have to push the little button … or wait until the automatic wakeup is performed.