[resolved] Sitemap shows a text

Hi everybody,
I have a little request, i would like to hide the text of my input (the 1 near the button):

Switch item=controlPdu1Port1 label=“test” mappings=[“MUS513SCREEN 1 1”=“ON”, “MUS513SCREEN 1 0”=“OFF”]

String controlPdu1Port1 (gPdu) {http="<[http://admin:x@MUS513SCREEN/statusjsn.js?components=1:5000:JSONPATH($.outputs[0].state)]",channel=“exec:command:controlPdu:input”}

have you a solution ?

Thanks !

If I understand the question correctly, you can do:

Switch item=controlPdu1Port1 label="test []" mappings=["MUS513SCREEN 1 1"="ON", "MUS513SCREEN 1 0"="OFF"]

I have change my iterm, now it s a switch with a command exec by exec binding 1.