Resources for conducting an openHAB presentation in Australia

Hi All, @Kai Kreuzer,
I live in Newcastle Australia and I’m a member of a local IoT Group (Newcastle IoT Pioneers)

I have agreed to do a presentation on the “The DIY Smarthome” at the beginning of November.

I currently have V2.1 of openHAB installed and shortly will be updating to the latest version (Ver2.4?).

I’m looking for PowerPoint presentation materiel, snazzy screen shots of your system, videos etc that I can use and maybe some short YouTube videos.

Any help in putting this together would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Hey fellow openHAB Novocastrian (I live up the valley now). I’ll be keeping an eye on this topic.

My own home openHAB setup is a patchwork of sometimes working sensors, power points, lights, power meters, cameras etc.

Hi Ben?
I’m curious as to what the “power meter” is. Is that something that you have connected in series with a device ie monitoring the power of your clothes iron or is this a device connected to your incoming mains meter?

Yeh it’s connected to the mains meter. It’s a Saturn South brand I got installed free in some trial thing. It reports out to a cloud service (Our Green Home) but I got to talking to the developers of the product and got the logins to my in home unit. From there it was just setting it to also send data to node-red on the local home server, and from there to openHAB on the home server. The Saturn South unit has 2 parts - one part on the power meter, and one plugged into our router.

It won’t go very well it you start with a typo!! :smile:

Resources for conducting an openHAB presentaion in Australia

… it you start with…


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You found it!

Hi Neil,

Great to hear that you are doing a presentation in Australia!
Once you have a date for it, please make sure to spread the news in and we can also add it to, so that you have some audience :slight_smile:

Wrt material: I can check, what slides I can share for a general introduction. Wrt examples and use cases, it is probably best to browse the forum here - it should be fine to use posted material as long as you refer to its source.