Response error when Authenticate my New App for your Spotify Use

Continuing the discussion from openHAB integration to Spotify Web Connect API (player):



Problem accessing /static/spotify-auth.html. Reason:

Not Found

Powered by Jetty:// 9.4.20.v20190813

can someone help me please?

You’ve marked this as resolved. I suggest undoing that and stating what the issue is.

As @5iver mentioned, you have marked the topic as solved e.g. the square box on the second post. Uncheck the box and you will have more members read your issue (don’t forget to add as much info as possible).

Also, welcome to the community, you may want to take the forum tutorial by sending discobot a message (start new user). It’s a short guide on how to use the forum and very helpful. Don’t forget to read the Topic Scott posted as it will also help with getting the most from the forum.

To access disco bot:
Just send @discobot a private message with one of the following lines as content. @discobot display help. @discobot start new user @discobot start advanced user

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