Rest API Aeon Labs Window/Door Sensor

Is it possible to get battery status of device using Rest API? Because currently it is only showing following


Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Well, the REST API is designed to provide information on an item. So, if you want to view the battery status, then you need to configure an item that provides battery voltage.

Take a look at the zwave wiki for information on configuring the zwave item bindings…

Thanks for the prompt reply Chris. I am new to this and unable to configure
binding for this. When you say binding you mean defining them in items?

Yes, exactly - defining the strings that tell the zwave system to read the battery. So, from the wiki, and example is -:

Door_Corridor_Battery "Front door sensor battery level [%d %%]" (GF_Corridor) { zwave="21:command=battery" } 

This is for node 21, so you’ll need to change the number.


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Thanks Chris. It is returning state as ‘Uninitialized’ for some odd reason.

Muhammad Saad Bashir

It may take some time to update. Battery devices in zwave don’t update very regularly - it might take an hour or two (or even up to a day).

If it hasn’t updated after a few hours, then grab the debug log and see if it shows anything…

Duly Noted! Will get back with updates. And thanks a lot for the assistance. Really appreciate it.