REST API for low resource devices


I want to open a change request / feature for the smart home REST API. will appreciate if you can direct me to the right place.

The request is:

I am sending a query to get a list of items from openhab from a low resource device. The problem is that the returned response is very big (comparing the total memory I have in the device). I suggest to add a flag to the get items query that will reduce the returned structure (by reducing some fields). The flag can be something like “full, compact”. E.g., in compact only the name can be returned (I can send a get command for single item if I want all item data).

If your device is resource constrained why not just get the individual Items you care about instead of all the Items?

You can also filter the list returned by Type:

Gets only the Switches.

You can also filter the list returned by Tags so you can tag those Items you want returned.

Post your request here to see what the ESH devs have to say and you will post your issue here.


The point is that “I don’t know from advance” the items. I already use tagging and type but even though the list is very long.
After boot, I send request to openhab to get all items with specific tag and type. This list is used later in the code. If I knew which items from advance I could use your approach but it is not the case.

I will post the request and see how it goes …