[Rest API] How to set autoupdate=false?

I want to set autoupdate=false through the Rest API.
However I am not sure how I have to do it.
Has anyone ever tried this or has some hints how I can achieve this?

I’m doing it in Jython, it’s actually just a metadata key/value pair namespace and value that has special meaning.

Thank you for you quick reply. Could you provide an example?

Not so fast on this reply though. It’s actually the namespace value, I said key/value pair because most of my Jython metadata stuff is storing Python dicts as json and I ignore the namespace value.

REST path is /items/{itemname}/metadata/autoupdate and json is:

  "value": "true",
  "config": {}

In an items file the metadata is formatted like below, but the config mapping is optional

{ namespace="value" ["key"="value"] }

So I theorized that

{ autoupdate="false" }

must be metadata and experimented, the results were fruitful.

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Thank you very much! This helps me a lot!

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