REST API - JSON response, how to parse it

I have an API Call with a bunch of Information coming back as JSON:

    "resortid": 999001,
    "resortname": "Arinsal",
    "resortcountry": "Andorra",
    "newsnow_cm": 12,
    "newsnow_in": 4.7,
    "lowersnow_cm": 0,
    "lowersnow_in": 0,
    "uppersnow_cm": 0,
    "uppersnow_in": 0,
    "pctopen": 0,
    "lastsnow": "19/05/2015",
    "reportdate": "26/05/2015",
    "reporttime": "13:27",
    "conditions": "Closed for snowsports"

I’d like to have each Attribute as a different item, so I could just have items with JSON-Transformation like

Number Resort_newsnow "Neuschnee [%s]"  {http="<[$.newsnow_cm)]"}
Number Resort_uppersnow "Schnee Berg[%s]"  {http="<[$.uppersnow_cm)]"}

This would result in multiple requests, right? I’d like to stay within the free plan (10req/min, 1000req/day) So, would I make a rule out of it and parse the JSON in there? or is there some better or easier way to do this?

for someone wondering, I just found the answer here:




String	ZellSnowNewsnow	"Neuschnee [%s] cm"	{http="<[wunlocked_snowreport:100000:JSONPATH($.newsnow_cm)]"}

That way, the http-item gets cached every 15min - and I can update as many items I like from the cached item, without having to fear for my request Limit.