Rest api problem

Hi , I am trying calling this web-service but this service is not working . it is giving me error 504 gateway timeout{thingUID}/config

But this is working for local ip addree where my openahb is running,


Please help me

I assume you are replacing {thingUID} with an actual UID of one of your Things?

I find the same behavior. When using the REST API Docs to call that API it spins until it eventually times out when going through but it returns immediately when I call it from the LAN.

Are you authenticating the call to

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are you sure you don’t need to add the tcp port into the URL? ex. https://openhab:8443/rest/things/

I did my experiment using the REST docs through my and therefore was already logged in. Other REST calls worked.

i am logged in into and all my rest call works except this{thingUID}/config

this call is wirking for me ,

I am not adding any port to myopenhab url and it is still working.