Rest api put item state return 202, but the light not update

Dimmer   LR9_ColorTemperature   "Color temperature"   {channel="hue:0220:001788adb5ef:19:color_temperature"}

Dimmer LR9_Brightness “Brightness” {channel=“hue:0220:001788adb5ef:19:brightness”}
String LR9_Alert “Alert” {channel=“hue:0220:001788adb5ef:19:alert”}
Switch LR9_Effect “Color loop” {channel=“hue:0220:001788adb5ef:19:effect”}

I can put item state success , When I get item state , I saw the value is changed, but the light no update.

I try this :
curl -X PUT --header “Content-Type: text/plain” --header “Accept: application/json” -d “70” “
the I got response code: 202
But the hue light not update

PUT issues an update to the Item. POST issues a command. See

Updates only changes the state of an Item in openHAB. Commands get forwarded to the binding and therefore the device. You can’t turn on a light using an update, you have to use a command.


thx , I post command to the item and it work 。