REST GET/persistence/items returns empty body

Using the REST API UI I am trying to get a list of items in a persistence service, but the body is empty.

GET/persistence correctly returns the two services I have - mapdb and rrd4j

GET /persistence/items/{itemname} also correctly returns values - I have tried several items and they all seem to work.

but GET /persistence/items always just returns an empty body - [] - for a serviceId of empty, mapdb or rrd4j
If I use a non valid serviceId, it returns an error as expected.

Could this be my setup, or do others have this?

If I remember correctly, this doesn’t work with OH1 persistence services so you probably need to use the REST interface to list all items.

Oh OK.

So how does HABmin work? for other people.

On my setup, HABmin doesn’t show any values either - it lists the two available though.

Are there any OH2 persistence services?

If I remember correctly (it’s been a while since I wrote this :wink: ) HABmin detects if the persistence is OH1 or OH2 and if it’s an OH1 service it uses the list of all items. If it’s OH2, then it uses the persistence API to get the list of items from the persistence service.

No - not at the moment. I wrote a reference implementation of H2 SQL, but it’s still being discussed about how want to configure the database for ESH…

So HABmin should show something then?
As I say, I can choose between mabdb and rrd4j, but the UI doesn’t show any items or values.

Yes - I think it’s using the item rest interface so it should list all items - the same as in the items list.