Rest interface very slow loading items

OK, I’m out of ideas. I’ve no idea why these Items would be any different from any others unless somehow they need to ask the binding for the value first. But I’m all but certain that isn’t how it works. It should just grab the current state of the Item as it exists in the Item registry at that time.

I think that’s exactly what it is. I turned on debug logging for that binding and every time I made a REST call to one of those three items three log entries for calls to popped into the log. Thankfully I wasn’t using those channels yet so for the time being i’ll leave them commented out.

Thanks for this, after some debugging of my slow REST interface, this turned out to be the cause here as well. Running on 2.3.0 release, 6-700 items. ~100 msec for rest/items over HTTP, but when all alexa items activated I got 2-6 seconds, measured using 'time curl '.

Just as you, not all items in my alexa.items were problematic, so I have been able to keep those I use (mainly TTS).

Did you post something in another thread more specific to the alexa binding on this issue?

I posted about it a few times actually in the main thread for the Alexa control plugin but my posts kept getting buried in other conversations going on in that thread. Eventually michi responded that he’s not aware of any solution to the problem unfortunately, in this comment

@Kai, can the DynamicStateProvider be the reason for the slowdown of the REST Interface? Is there somerhing what I can fix in the binding? Maybe a cache?

So is this specifically about the EchoControl binding? I.e. if it is started, the REST API is slow and when the bundle is stopped, it is fast?
If so, yes: The DynamicStateProvider could be the culprit, if it does expensive operations. Any improvement of its implementation (such as doing caching) should make it faster.

It‘s not expensive in the sense of CPU usage, but it makes REST calls to the Amazon server which takes some time

Well, external HTTP requests are the worst thing you can do in a synchronous call - that definitely needs to be cached! Maybethis is helpful for such purposes.


i’m currently also having problems with this. Has there been any progress on this?



Hi All

Ive just found this post, and I have the exact same issue.

Thanks zolakk for posting, I commented out those items and my REST items speed reduced from 7seconds to 139ms.

The HabPanel dashboard is incredibly snappy now!!!

This definitely needs looking at.

Hi zolakk do you still have this performance issue with Alexa Echo binding and slow load in REST? ive got the same issue.

Yeah, still having that problem and now running release 2.4 with the official 2.4 binding. I’ve just accepted that it won’t work and took those items out altogether at this point, unfortunately.

Im running 2.4 release with the latest binding, I took those items out but its still slow (3500ms)

How were you able to determine the exact items causing the issue as im happy to comment them

It’s these two:
musicProviderId (adds about 800ms each)
amazonMusicPlayListId (adds about 300ms each)

I just commented out one item at a time and watched how it impacted the ‘items’ loading time in my browser developer window until I narrowed it down to those

Yes, ive already commented them out and its still slow. But how did you determine it was those? Clearly its slow for me on OTHER items so i need to work out which ones. Hoping you can share how you troubleshooted determinining those to be the cause

Sorry, I edited my response with what my current slow items are while you were replying. The three I listed before were for an old version of the binding

It seems playAlarmSound is slow for me, I assume when you create a reminder that this is what is used for it to play the reminder? Which I use :frowning:

Bummer. I don’t think I’ve used that one, especially since the textToSpeech channel was introduced so I guess that explains why I didn’t notice that.

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Could you please share the process where to look for the delay and which item is creating this delay?

I would like to hunt the responsible items down.

So TTS is not problematic?