/rest/items not showing up


I’ve been running openhab2 on my synology nas for some time now using tellstickbinding and zwavebinding. After some restarts /rest/items doesn’t seem to exist anymore (everything else as far as i can tell exists, its just “items” that has disappeared). It doesnt show up in the rest gui and i can se calls from the basic ui failing ( gives 404 for ex), also the app is not working and i assume its the same issue.
I cant see anything in the log (running as debug) and everything seems to work as it should, im getting sensordata from tellstick and a ton of logdata as usual from the zwavebinding and any changes i do in the zwavenetwork seems to register correctly aswell, i just cant use the basic ui or the app anymore.

Any idea where to start troubleshooting this? What i was doing when this happend was modiying my startupscript (upstart), and when i noticed it i used the start.sh and start_debug.sh instead with the same result. So im assuming i have made some change somwhere that didnt happen until the restart. But now i dont have a clue what i have done…

The log when running in debug gives some warning and an error for mysql, but it has always done that. And this one [WARN ] [.j.s.handler.RequestLogHandler:137 ] - !RequestLog that im not sure about. The rest of the warnings and errors i get is from the zwavebinding.
Any tips on how to figure this out is greatly aprecieated.