Rest via myopenhab always asks for auth

I am trying to get the items details via myopenhab and rest api.
Unfortunately my created url doesn‘t work as expected. I need to log in via a browser popup, the credentials are not parsed to the site.

Any idea what is wrong with the url or how to fix this?

Thank you!

There is nothing wrong with the URL.
You try to use a ‘feature’ of a browser that might not be supported any longer.
See e.g.

I tried it with safari and chrome on iOS and MacOS.
Same problem…

Any other idea?

according to rfc3986 entering a password by submitting them as part of the URL in the form of user:password is deprecated.

As far as I’m aware, most browsers have removed HTTPS authentication via the user:password syntax.

So then there is no other, newer method to parse the credentials to myopenhab via a url?

no. RFCs are standard like documents. So as long as the browser follow the standard there is no way.

But what exactly do you want to achieve ? You only mentioned that you want to access the rest api and you want to use user:password in the url. Most browsers support storing user password in their internal password manager did you try that ? In case you store the url in a central place and different browsers should access it you need to enter this combination on all of them one time.

Yes, saving the credentials is an option.
Normally I use for the connecting client devices the „private“ mode. And there you have to type in the credentials every time.

But ok, now I know that my url is correct and it is a deprecated feature.

Thanks !

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