Restore after SD-Card malfunction: Best Practice


I’ve tried to restart my raspberry (nothing special) and it seems that the sd card is damaged. Nothing happened, green led was not blinking anymore. time to restore…

What I have:

  • /etc/openhab2/*
  • /var/lib/openhab2/*
  • /etc/homegear/*
  • /var/lib/homegear/*
  • Old installation: openhabian from ~nov 2016 with:
  • Old installation: OpenHab 2.0 (~nov 2016)
  • Old installation: Homematic (with local homegear) and zwave-components

What I’ve tried:

  • New installation with openhabian (and openhab 2.1, latest stable, yesterday)
  • stopped openhab2 service
  • replaced folder with backup-content:
  • /etc/openhab2/
  • /var/lib/openhab2/
  • updated file persmissions (old: openhabian, new: openhab)
  • started openhab2 service

First of all I tried to check the zwave-components and noticed, that only the zwave-controller (usb stick) was online. All other devices were first online, then initilaizing and after a while offline.
Before I’ll continue the restore process with Homegear or to troubleshoot the zwave-issue.

I would like to confirm my restore process, in detail:

  • Is it possible to restore openhab2.0-configs on that way (with running openhab2.1)?
  • What about zwave: Are there “special” requirements or something else?

Thanks a lot!

Almost. There are a number of files you need to delete from /var/lib/openhab2 first. See the Windows Upgrade instructions for the full list.

Thanks! Have not expected to find the missing information in the windows section :wink:

Well, normally these files get deleted automatically. And with the release of 2.1 there is now a script.

And it may be documented elsewhere but I knew for sure it was there.