Restore lost habpanel

I’m using apt and did an upgrade of openhab2.
That made me lose my previously “created” habpanel.
I did however do a backup of recommended /etc/openhab2 and /var/lib/openhab2.
Is there a way to recover only habpanel from this backup?
Thanks in advance

check this:

maybe it will help

Thanks for the input although it seems like habpanel is overwriting the habpanel.config with the default file when openhab2 is started and I go to the habpanel with my browser.
I tried copying the backup habpanel.config while openhab2 is running but it wont get reflected in the browser.
Any other suggestions?

when I loose the config (And it seems to happen once every couple of updates) I usualy use local browser cached version to restore one on the server. I load local one on development machine and save them on the server under the old name (Production in my case). Reboot the tablets and they reload the config from the server fine. more annoying is that if you have the custom widgets, you need to load them one by one from the file backup.

Thanks for sharing, although I can’t find any cached versions left in any of my browsers…
I wonder if habpanel.config is the only information needed by habpanel to recreate my panel?
If so it should be possible to trick habpanel to not overwrite but re-read my what I just copied.

Sorry for activating this older threat; however my question is very similar.
I want to copy&paste my habpanel configuration from one oh2 installation to another newer one.
Where do i find the necessary files (do want to avoid to c&p complete userdata), somehow could not identify them in userdata

@JensK: /config/org/openhab/habpanel.config should suffice.

I also lost my habpanel configuration when I changed the number of columns. So my habpanel.config on the server is already destroyed. Is there any chance to restore the config with my local browser cache?