Restore old binding

Everyone I’m stuck I can’t fix my network binding and it’s completely screwing my setup Is there a way to restore to an old binding version I have tried everything I can think of and could do with going back too a binding that worked fine

Iv got devices saying they are online when they are offline and flickering between the two when definitely off

my rules dependent on network devices are playing up I’m just not sure what to do extremely stessed

Its possible but not super easy or guaranteed to work.

The easiest thing to do would be to install the Network 1.x version binding. It doesn’t have Things so you will have to define your Items in .items files. You will probably want to uninstall the 2.x version binding first.

Short of that, you can try to download the jar file for the older version of the binding (you don’t say what version of OH you are running). But be aware the reason that the version numbers of the bindings and OH move forward in lock-step is because there are occasional changes to the core that require changes to the bindings. There is no guarantee an earlier version of a binding will work on a later OH core and vice versa. Because of this I’d recommend rolling back to a previous OH in toto rather than just that one binding.

Hi Rich thanks for a reply this is driving me crazy trying to deal with this on my own

The problems started after an upgrade from OH 2.0.0 to OH 2.2.0 the network binding was working perfect before the upgrade

I made this post when dealing with problems solved alot myself

i will post any needed logs on request

Well, 2.0 Network binding will absolutely not work on 2.2. I don’t think the 2.1 version will work on 2.2. There have been too many changes.

Oh, and I did make a little mistake above. It is the Network Health binding for the 1.x version. They dropped the “health” part of the name for the 2.x version of the binding.

Do you have and have you played around with the binding config?

In particular, allowSystemPings or cacheDeviceStateTimeInMS could be causing issues. The format of the Things changes a lot between those to versions as well. If you haven’t updated your Things and they were previously defined in .things file that could be a problem as well.

I’m in a weird situation after my upgrade all my items created from network binding have dissapeared i can no longer see them in the controll section but looking at karaf log it seems as they are still there and running

i have also received alot of arping related errors reading suggests this no longer works on windows

i havent changed any config files for the binding are these needed now it was all configured with paper ui before

i made a full backup of OH folder before updating

But then i would be stuck with an old version and be in the same position if i upgrade in the future i also needed fixes provided by the later version im running stable version

I have tried different settings and seems to be the same result

They were all created by paper ui so they havent got a things file

changing time out from 5000 to 500 and recreating items seems to have helped not sure yet