restoreOnStartup not working for all items

I use InfluxDB for persistence of sensor data and mapdb for restore on startup for some items. For some of those it works perfectly fine but some are always NULL after a restart. I already enabled debug logging for the mapdb persistence service and I can see that the values are written to mapdb. However I do not see any entry for reading those values. Is there any additional logging I could enable? Is there a good reason why it works for some items but not for others?

Thanks for any help


I’m using OH 2.2

Are all the Items you want to restoreOnStartup configured with the restoreOnStartup strategy in your mapdb.persist file?

all items are in the group g_persist_restore_startup and I have the following lines in my mapdb.persist

Items {
g_persist_restore_startup*: strategy=everyChange, restoreOnStartup

one addition: I just realized that I can not confirm that it is still working for some items. Maybe it’s not working at all. However I don’t see any errors in the log and I can see log entries that data is written to mapdb

It’s hard to tell without code fencing, but it looks like you do not have a space between the * and the :. That is the only real difference I see between my working config and yours:

* : strategy = everyChange, restoreOnStartup

Try a restart of OH. If you have recently changed Group membership sometimes that doesn’t get picked up until an OH restart. I think this got fixed in 2.3 but I’m not sure. I’ve not seen it as a problem for awhile.