resumePlayback for squeezeboxPlayUrl

Hi, I’m using the squeezebox binding and actions not only for playing music and (TTS) notifications, but also for my doorbell. This is working, but when there is music playing and someone rings the doorbell the music stops. It would be nice if the resumePlayback option on squeezeboxSpeak was also available on squeezeboxPlayUrl. Is this something that could be useful?

Yeah, it looks like this is possible just for the “squeezeboxSpeak” option but not the “squeezeboxPlayUrl” option. Would be a nice to have for sure!

As a “silly” work around you could use the TTS and make it just say the words “Ding Dong” for your door bell? :slight_smile:

Hi Tommy, this is funny coz it’s exactly what I’ve done:

squeezeboxSpeak("kitchen", "ding dong, there is someone at the front door", 95, true)

HaHa that’s classic! Bunch of geniuses we are!

I still think it would be great to be able to pause playback, play the url based mp3 notification sound and then resume the music. Anyone know if this is possible yet?

I know I could use TTS but that needs a web connection and also doesn’t sound as nice as a studio recording of someone saying “Don’t forget to close the garage door, it looks like you’ve left it open again”.