Retrieve items & mqtt-bindings

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sorry for bugging on this but could somebody confirm that this isn’t possible right now?

For the most part OH provides a layer of abstraction between the bindings and the Items so I don’t think you can get at their bindings configuration. This is by design. From a controlling and Rules logic perspective the underlying binding config shouldn’t be relevant.

However, have you seen the REST API?

That is usually the way people implement what you are describing. You can get a list of all Items with:

You can query the state of a specific Item with:

You can set an Item to a new state with:
or by using the Item url above and put the new state in the body as a POST.

To clarify @chris’s response on that thread, Rules are triggered based on events. They are nut procedures that one would call independently. To remotely trigger a rule you would set it up to be triggered based on a command or update to an Item and then from your remote application update that Item’s state. For example updating the Item’s state through the REST API as described above.

alright, thanks so much, that will do i think.

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Not in OH 1, I don’t know about OH 2 but suspect not. The sitemap is statically defined.

The OH community is large and diverse so I can’t speak to whether the community would find it useful or not. From what I can tell with a brief reading of your link, there is a lot of overlap in capability between OH and your project. OH has rules and OH interconnects lots of things (over 150 technologies and counting) so I’m not entirely sure what your IDE offers over that.

I could maybe see integration with your agents in an OH binding (assuming your agents don’t talk MQTT or simple HTTP) to more easily communicate between a remote low powered device and OH. I myself had to write my own script for this in my own setup so I recognize it as an area where some work could be done.

I’m not surprised Habmin 2 needs Java and the OH Runtime. Its entire purpose is to administrate OH. It makes no sense to run it independently. But it is also web based so any remote device can use it. It is not and was never intended to be a general purpose computer administration tool and it is not intended to provide administration or remote devices, only the OH instance.

right makes sense. Well, I will give it a try then and offer it here, in hope its not getting removed as spam or so.
The idea behind our project is to have universal and block based scripting language which generates Code for different languages (, all in real-time and instant feedback for success and errors, RAD pure. Its basically a high-level language for automation & configuration where you can easily drop the underlying implementation (switching from node-red to OH or similar). And possibly there is no need for OH users for such thing (still see lots of users having it difficult to get into OH). May be, with the upcoming visual interface designer (buttons trigger device commands an so forth) it can get useful…

However, I will dig into’s HabAdmin’s code, possibly they solved the same problems I may face as well.
Our users typically write automation scripts, to be deployed on small things like wall panels and such.

Thank you again for the insights.

wow, this initial post got flagged as spam, i noticed this also for simple github links. is that normal ?

This is normal for newbies. You should have done a few posts, before you are allowed to include links. Thats the default functionality of Discourse to prevent spam.

alright, sorry. was really weird