Reuseable sitemap configuration

  • Platform information:
    • openHAB version: 2.5.0 Build #1645

Hi there,

i´m new to openHAB and currently try to setup a sitemap.

One thing i want to achive is to have a frame for my thermostats in each room group (what i managed to do). I also want to have a overview of all thermostats in a seperate group.
As I am lazy and keep refining the sitemap while getting deeper into that rabbithole, I realy would like to define one frame for each thermostat somewhere and then simlpy reference them in the different groups.

as i understood frames do not take a identifier that i could reference in a “Default” item.

is there maybe some sort of templating concept for configurations that could be used?

or is there any concept of refencing other files like an “import” statement that would result in a codesnippet being placed where the statement is (so i could define the frame in a seperate file and reference this in multiple places)?
if so: does this also apply to other configuration files like rules?
if not: why is life so hard to me?

any help is welcome

thank you

cu jason

Not possible I am afraid. Sitemap building can be tedious…
Copy and paste is your friend there

Sorry Jason, no referncing in the Basic UI. This is the same in other files as well.

And to answer your second question: Because it’s life

Rules code can be “reused” by using groups: