Reverting and myopenhab

My openhab instance is running in virtual. I have setup a lot of stuff around my Sonos ONE Speaker itself, and navigation controls, and also setup some things with Alexa, and alerts and the like. Those keeping up with my other posts, I can’t stand it. So getting an Echo Plus Gen 2. I know it’s not the best reviews, but prefer an Alexa device with integrated speaker so it’s all in one. That said, i am going to go back about 8 snapshots to get it pre Sonos ONE. How will the myopenhab online instance react to this?



I like mine and so far no issues. Could it have better sound or be louder? Sure it could, but why it meets all my needs.:grinning: If I really needed it to be louder then I can always connect via bluetooth and let my other speakers handle it.:sunglasses:

You shouldn’t have an issue.

If you do, then I would suggest uninstalling the cloud binding, deleting your UUID, then reinstall the binding and use the newly generated UUID.