Revival of Official Bluetooth Binding

Thanks @cpmeister !

To pursue on this - I can say that I am using those binding for several weeks now, and I’m delighted with stability and performances. Nothing comparable with the previous TinyB that I was never satisfied with.


Happy to hear that :+1:

The least what I can offer is testing with these:


  1. Xiaomi MiFlora plant sensor

  2. Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer (LYWSDCGQ/01ZM)

  3. Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer 2 (LYWSD03MMC)

  4. Generic Bluetooth tracking tags (Dehyaton, Elistooop)

  5. Jumper blood oximeter

Pos. 1, 2 and 4 were well working with the “3rd Party Bluetooth Binding”.
Let me know :wink:

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For BLE devices testing, I suggest you use Bleno, a Node framework to emulate a BLE device. It is a bit tricky to make it work the first time, but if you need any help, and a dummy device to test (my Daikin Madoka emulator), I’m happy to help.

On the iPhone, there is also the LightBlue app which I used as well to emulate a device.

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Thanks! I’ll most definitely reach out for your help once my gatt feature is ready for testing.

Looks useful, I’ll look into it.

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I’m also thinking of a new feature for the Bluetooth binding through DBUS: a custom agent to allow the pairing directly from the binding. I’ve checked the tech details - I just need some time to implement this.

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Hello.I am tested this.
I get data from a temperature and humidity sensor using the third-party C ++ + Bluez program on my OrangePi PC + usb dongle bluetooth 4.0. I removed the standard bluetooth binding and installed (in addons folder) first org.openhab.binding.bluetooth.bluez-2.5.4-SNAPSHOT.jar but I did not get the Bluetooth Roaming Controller.
Next, I removed this and downloaded org.openhab.binding.bluetooth-2.5.4-SNAPSHOT.jar and the Bluetooth Roaming Controller showed up in Inbox and was added. But my Xiaomi temperature sensor was never found in Inbox.
Previous topic with my questions (no solved): Xiaomi Mija Sensor Tempetature, Bluetooth (console data)

Any progress with testing this? :slight_smile:

Mmmh. I’ve offered testing it once the GATT stuff has been implemented, that’s true :wink:
But: I’m not sure, if this has happened yet :thinking:

@cpmeister Is it done already?

Let me know…

I would also by happy to support testing. Is there any progress on this?


I’m still not able to cover presence functionality with official binding - anyone has it?
@cpmeister - if you have ability to cover this functionality, you would be able probably to become new maintainer of project: 3rd Party Bluetooth Binding. Beta testers needed
@vkolotov had to stop it and is lookinf for someone to replace. It’s a great bindig with a lot of functionalities in comparison to official one. A lot of beacons already covered and many adapters can be used. Now, it’s not adapted to new openhab version and has some issues with connection - desperately needs new maintainer :slight_smile:

Hi, guys any update? I have managed to update bluez to the latest 5.5 version and managed to get bluez bridge online, discovered sensor, but got only RSSI data, no humidity, no temperature data. How to add those channels?

I have good news, I just got roaming device support added into the official bluetooth binding. This feature essentially allows devices to be tracked based on the adapter they are closest to. This is essential for implementing multi-room presence detection.

In other news I’ve almost completed work on GATT channel support for the official bluetooth binding. This feature won’t be able to make it into the 2.5.9 release but it will definitely make it for the OH 3 release.
Once I have the feature in testable shape I’ll post the jar so everyone can get a go at it.

Thanks for your patience!


Excellent news! waiting for it, thanks!

So I think I’ve finished support for GATT channels, but I don’t have any devices to test it with… Any recommendations on devices I could use?

I think the Xiaomi (Mijia) temperature and humidity sensor (the round one) is often used with the 3rd Party Bluetooth Binding (so I do also).

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Also one vote for the Xiaomi Mijia temperature and humidity sensor from me. I am using several ones still with the 3rd party Bluetooth Binding. I could also offer to send you one sensor for testing if this helps.

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What library are you relying on ? Still TinyB ?

I still use TinyB. Can’t wait to switch over to your new dbus binding though.

Ok, I think I’ve got gatt support working. There still seems to be a few hickups with installing the binding since it requires the same apache-commons-collections dependency as the 3rd party binding.
But if you don’t already have that dependency installed you can install it by running the following in the openhap-cli:

bundle:install -s

Here is latest bluetooth jar:
You may notice that it is version 2.5.9, not 2.5.10-SNAPSHOT, which is due to my current build environment being out of date. Just make sure to uninstall openhab’s built-in bluetooth bundle using bundle:uninstall <bundleNumber> in the console before trying to run this new one.

Also here are the latest bluez and bluegiga bindings in case you run into some errors with the ones you already have installed. They are purely optional unless you run into problems.

Happy testing!

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Thanks for the offer, but I managed to get my tests working with my Govee temperature sensors (they are better used as beacons but they did have some services when you connect to them which is good enough for me to test with.

I’ve already created a binding for the Govee devices that should become available once the OH3 release goes out.