Rework of items wiki page

A link fro item page would nice, I am on to it…

I agree but there is a problem. There is a whole lot that the beginner has to understand about how OH works:

  • How do Items work
  • What is this Persistence thing anyway
  • What are rules?
  • How do I write rules?
  • What’s the difference between sendCommand and postUpdate?
  • What’s a Type?

The list goes on and on. Beginners need to know all of these things sooner rather than later and I don’t think that we as a community have a good grasp of how to address this. I don’t think just adding a bunch of links between the parts of the wiki is sufficient. Frankly, if beginners would read the root page of the wiki and refer back to it (granted that page needs as much work as the rest) I think it would help them understand how the various piece parts work together and help guide them in what to learn about first.

Right now the wiki is the only thing we have so the focus is on it. But I wonder if the wiki should be the first goto place for beginners. The wiki as it is is more of a reference than a guide and what beginners need is a guide. We don’t have a guide right now and with the coming release of OH 2 the value for the effort of writing a guide for OH 1 is questionable.

I’m going to start a new thread to discuss OH 2 documentation later today and I invite everyone, particularly the newcomers on this thread to participate.

Completely agree with you, a guide is what we need. The question is just when the OH2 will be released and what we can do in the mean time not to get potential user loose interest in OH.

Rich, if you wrote “The openHAB Cookbook: Recipes for Connecting Everything in Your Home,” it would be an instant hit!

I’ll call O’Reily right now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Though I will admit it could be a good challenge.

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