RF Receiver (XY-MK-5V 433Mhz) and RF Remote

Hello all,
Is anyone familiar with the “XY-MK-5V 433Mhz RF Receiver” 62686732362e6a7067
I connected it to the correct GPIO pins in my RPi and tried to receive signals from “GS-RMC08 Wireless Remote Control”

I can’t get it to pick up anything and the only thing it picks up are random signals as I touch the circuit board of the receiver. I bought the remote assuming it will work since it’s a 433 remote.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can check that the receiver is actually working? and whether the remote above should actually work with it?

these receivers are awful… ive never had any luck with them!

that said there are some things you can try here:
goto the section " IMPORTANT NOTE about the well-known cheap Chinese set:"

but do yourself a favour and get a better module - ive had success with the RXB6 module mentioned on the above link.

good luck!

thank you very much. I’ll give the RXB6 a go and report back. It might be a while as I’m ordering it from China :slight_smile:

Hello all, thanks @greg. The RXB6 module you recommended works perfectly with my RPi.

How does one now get OpenHAB to receive and run rules based on RF commands? Is there a binding to facilitate this?

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There is a binding called RC Switch.


And also a second way to get it running.

Many thanks for your reply. How does one install and configure RC Switch. What I would like to do is receive RF signals and execute a rule based on the code received from an RF button.

The binding is not visible even when you enable “legacy” addons.