RF Sockets

I’m looking for some cheap RF sockets - I tried some Energenie - ENER002 sockets, but they were woefully inconsistent with either the “ARC” or “ENERGENIE” subtype and RFXCOM - I also found this which suggests compatability with RFXCOM might be an issue. Rfxcom binding for ener002 sockets

I don’t want to add yet another hub/bridge to my setup - so something which works with RFXCOM is a requirement.

So the search starts again - I appreciate that there are many wi-fi sockets out there, but they’re significantly more expensive the RF - I need about 6 or so.

Only other requirement is that there’s a button on them for local control - I don’t want to have to faff around finding the openhab app on my phone to override, or hunt for a remote.

Any suggestions?



Did you take a look at this list,

It contains devices compatible with OpenMQTTGateway but as they are using basics protocols they should be compatible with your RFXCOM

Hi @1technophile,

Thanks, hadn’t seen that, I guess my other requirement is for a UK plug, i’ll Take a look in detail later.